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Homemade Food Recipe

Homemade Food Recipe   ~  First things first: What is Food Recipe? Food Recipe a blog that share a lot about easy to make recipes, from food to drinks. We also share tips for kitchen daily cookers — meaning we’ve got everything you want to eat, plus endless ways to watch it. Intrigued?  The non-aubergine portion was lifted from a French-Tunisian family friend, who made it for the Frenchman and me when she came to stay. (She served it with herb-rubbed, falling-off-the-bone chicken thighs. You can too.) It was a luxury to be cooked for, and to be taken care of so well through food. Pine nuts browned sumptuously in butter! The lemon-tinged warmth of sumac and za’atar! Cumin, harissa, and cinnamon, too. It’s actually a perfect inauguration to fall. I asked for the recipe, and scribbled down the offhand recounting of a cook who has fashioned a dish so often, measurements are not longer consciously considered. I searched google for corroboration of spice quantities, and ric

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